Optum Outcomes


Large technology company specialising in the Education Sector

I initially worked at Synergetic, an EHG company as a consultant, where over the course of a year I designed an end to end talent management framework, including policies, procedures, information management, review cycles,  processes. 

Also included was the defining of new company values (in order to ‘measure what matters, a revised vision and mission and a comprehensive, end-to-end performance framework encompassing:

  • a customised training program to build leadership capacity and strengthen company culture through a skilled and motivated executive and leadership teama framework for strengthening culture and growing employee satisfaction
  • a framework for reward and renumeration, including salary benchmarking,
  • performance frameworks including annual appraisals, performance management / disciplinary procedures and more
  • design and implementation of a refreshed policy and procedure framework
  • Design and implementation of an organisational development (professional development and training) framework
  • commission structures and bonus programs (such as profit-sharing and other performance incentives and programs
  • adoption of technologies and software solutions for capturing and maintaining of employee activities (such as managing objectives, KPIs, documenting of appraisals, 1:1 meetings and more

This framework was embedded at each stage of the employee lifecycle, from recruitment, onboarding, incentivising, and building capability in staff right through to informing company budgets and organisational structures.

The framework  at EHG was subsequently, three years after adoption reviewed by a global HR firm, who stated that:

“There is a disciplined approach to performance management and bonus allocation. The system is complex, but there is a high degree of sophistication for a company of the size and resources of EHG.”

Following this project, I moved into operations and in later in the journey accepted the role of CEO at Synergetic.