Optum Outcomes

Leading executives and teams to achieve business success through courage, honesty, and authenticity

I believe in the power of facilitation to transform culture and corporations for the better.  Facilitation excites me as it relealises the full potential of teams and groups of people; empowering them to create new success, drawing on unrelaised talents (opposed to me ‘doing it’ for them). It sees me unlocking the power of groups within businesses, employing and introducing new and high impact tools and frameworks that can be enjoyed well into the future.

My approach harnesses a balance of best practice, evidence-based and scientifically supported frameworks, along with optimizing the power of the human element, to lead and transform groups to do their best work

I upskill people using my ‘people first’ philosophy.  Participants  will learn, adopt and practice new thinking and new frameworks to empower the organisation to greater success.  A few of many workshop example topics are:

My point of difference is my genuine passion to connect with and understand humans, quickly reading people and working out the best way to bring out their best. I have a unique talent in being able to ‘profile’ and understand groups dynamics quickly and with sharp accuracy. From places of both intuition and academic theory I’m able to swiftly formulate / map group dynamics, allowing an extremely customised and targeted program based on the strengths and vulnerabilties of each group.

I am very authentic and my approach is very ‘heart on sleeve’ and exceptionally genuine.  I love nothing better than to build a close connection and rapport immersing myself into and becoming a bona fide collaborative member of the group. 

Credentials & Frameworks

  • Under and post-graduate psychology degrees
  • Diploma of Frontline Management
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Accredited DISC Consultant – DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Visit discprofile.com
  • Corpus RIOS – the how and what of business strategy. Corpus RIOS stands for the Realistic Imagination OSuccess and focuses on a strategic equation in which there are two equally important halves – ambition (or imagination) and capability (or realism). Visit corpusrios.com
  • Broad knowledge in market trends and contemporary intelligence on how winning edge, global companies approach culture, governance and talent management.
  • Affiliate Victorian Chamber
  • Active member of CEO Institute

Case Study

I recently ran a fantastic series of online workshops with the aim of working with leadership groups to empower them to enrich culture and raise their capability as leaders to support their teams / people  in an optimal way through COVID19….