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An uparalleled story and a passion for humans living their best life

An inimitable feminine figure and corporate pioneer. A powerful mix of laser-sharp business prowess, embracing all the fundamentals of humanity and irreversibly changing the world for the better.

With early life fraught with trauma, troubles and major setbacks, I eventually worked my way through school and university to become highly qualified in psychology. The decision to embrace this career, that would enable me to transform the lives of others for the better, is by no means a coincidence and was without doubt my destiny. 

I could never have envisaged where my career would travel, from working in prisons, the domestic violence sector, to supporting those with substance abuse (and their families) and as a therapist for couples, families and those with mental health concerns. Finding great success as a leader in these areas and gaining great satisfaction from moving into the corporate world, applying these skills as a consultant and coach, I have since been blessed to be able to act as an agent for astounding success in bringing my gifts with people, into the world of business.

"What you do, how you do it and the impact you create could never be learned in books or at university."

I would never claim that my life has since been trauma free, and without significant adversity. After beating the odds of less than a 1% chance of survival, walking after being told never again will I be able to, and facing off with more challenges than most people face in ten lifetimes, I now have stories to tell and important things to say!  

I’ve been told repeatedly: “what you do, how you do it and the impact you create could never be learned in books or at university”.  I have now come to understand that all I have endured is for a purpose, to bring hope, opportunity and inspiration to others. Beyond this, I bring the tools, the ‘know-how’ and carve a journey with and for others, enabling the ultimate success for individuals and corporations alike. 

One of the most effective pathways for this is sharing myself, through words, telling my stories and translating them into lessons we can all learn and grow from. I feel so privileged to invite others onto a journey of transformation,  and witness empowerment and development of the greatest form.  

My approach

My passion is to guide people towards irreversible positive change..  I want my story to shape people’s worlds so much they can’t unlearn what they hear from me.  As a speaker, I bring it all to the table.  My story will inspire others by proving the value of persistence, self-belief and a ‘never give up’ mentality, morphed into a language and shaped to move, touch and transform individuals and businesses alike..  

Some reactions and feedback shared in response to speaking events and presentations in the past include:

  • “Inspiring”
  • “Thought provoking”
  • “Energetic and motivating!”
  • “Really knows her stuff – practical and useful”
  • “What you do for people can never be learned in any book or steeped in any theory.  Who you are, where you have come from and what you are able to achieve is amazing!” 
  • “Loved your vulnerability and strength”
  • “You empowered the audience to change and I’m sure they are all better off for it.” 

Keynote Topics / Focus Areas

Life lessons: from near death to thriving success

What are the 5 key lessons / what the world has taught me that everyone needs to know.

Emotional Intelligence

What it is, what I’ve learned, what it means to me and what it can mean to you.  

Emotional Intelligence like you’ve never understood it before.


Resilience, vulnerability and courage

How these three things can enrich life in general, both as humans and in the workplace

Passion & relationship, love & humanity

Life. It’s a journey.  What is the difference between those who have faced adversity and survived, and those who didn’t?  

What is love? Where is the line between who we are at both home and work? Who decides?

If you are seeking a speaker who will inspire others to be change makers, provide practical, real world advice and inject positivity regardless if the focus is personal or professional, then let's have a discussion.