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I’m an inspired and passionate creator of business success.

This is achieved by building outstanding culture, all things people are at my heart. Established in a foundation of Psychology and blended with an extensive portfolio as an executive and leader, I’m authentic and energised by the difference I create.

Every dimension of who I am and how I ‘win’ is steeped in relationship. Relationships drive culture, which in turn drives customer experience. Get this right, leverage it with a strong business model and you will realise a high performing company.

My approach harnesses a balance of evidence-based, scientifically supported frameworks, along with only the best business practices, to positively transform corporations.



“Simone has blown our team away with her knowledge, experience, and approach to delivering insightful content.

Brad Kliegl
Vice President, Logic Asia Pacific

Simone is a motivated, ambitious, focussed individual with an uncanny insight into group dynamics and change management.  I’ve personally benefitted from her insights

Louise Bedford
Best selling author and trader

As an IT professional with 25-years experience myself, many of these in Stakeholder management at a senior level – I cannot overstate how impressive the stakeholder management outcomes that Simone achieved were.

Graham Kidd
Business Analyst, Synergetic Management Systems




Expert advice, strategies and activities that leverage people, culture and business practices, enabling optimal company performance.

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Coordinating people to create and achieve their best work together through expert-driven workshopping and focussed exercises towards a common goal.

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Communicating to large groups as a thought leader and industry expert, capturing essence and meaning through masterful demonstration of key topics.

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The 30 word challenge

The 30 word challenge: are you ready? Can you make less equal more? Last week I was challenged… “provide a bio of 30 words or less’!! My existing bio (which has been well thought out and I have heavily invested in by the way) is at least twenty times that number! So, there began my Read More

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade: Invest in people now!

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade: Invest in people now! The question of how COVID-19 is impacting business culture (people) and will so post-pandemic is at the forefront. I am razor-focussed on equipping businesses with evidence based strategies to drive successful culture, leveraging morale and caring for people.  We know that investing in people Read More

Visualising the ‘new normal’

Visualising the ‘new normal’ We have all adapted quickly and well to working in a remote world, and are now able to visualise our transition back to a ‘new normal’, where returning to time together in an office environment is on the cards. We still have a ways to go and the need for continued Read More

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