Optum Outcomes

Creation and delivery of customised advice and strategies for people and their businesses, enabling them the ultimate success.

My consultative style brings together a wealth of knowledge, capability and thought leadership, curated over 25 years. My hunger for being as ‘expert’ as possible (both academically and experientially) is driven by a fierce determination to empower people to realise their very best potential. Consulting allows me to impart my wisdom, translating it with meaning according to the unique needs of the people and businesses I’m partnering with

Whether it’s one-on-one, with a Board, an executive committee or leadership groups  or, I invest deeply and take the time to learn about you, your business, , your team and your unique needs and objectives. I design achievable and realistic strategies, steeped in best practice frameworks, to be implemented (whether by you and your team, or with my guidance) and empower you to learn and grow, allowing you to optimise your and the business’s success in the long term.

Does your business require an uplift in any of the following areas?

I create content that can be ‘left with you’ to execute and roll out, or alternatively I will work alongside your team and partner with you, on the journey together  to deliver the agreed business outcomes.    

Credentials and Frameworks

  • Under and post-graduate psychology degrees
  • Diploma of Frontline Management
  • Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
  • Accredited DISC Consultant – DiSC® is the leading personal assessment tool used by over 1 million people every year to improve work productivity, teamwork and communication. Visit discprofile.com
  • Corpus RIOS – the how and what of business strategy. Corpus RIOS stands for the Realistic Imagination Of Success and focuses on a strategic equation in which there are two equally important halves – ambition (or imagination) and capability (or realism). Visit corpusrios.com
  • Broad knowledge in market trends and contemporary intelligence on how winning edge, global companies approach culture, governance and talent management.
  • Affiliate Victorian Chamber
  • Active member of CEO Institute

Key Areas of Focus


I am incredibly passionate about promoting a culture rich in humanity – enabling executives, leaders and all team members a sense of feeling engaged, safe, valued, courageous, and emotionally secure.  

Nothing is more important given our changing world right now and we know that if we care for people, people care for business.

Emotional Intelligence

Companies that focus on harmonising corporate principles with the human element will enrich their culture and build customer success. 

I bring an evidence-based strategic planning framework and blend it with the principles of high EQ to build a strong culture and workforce.

Case Study

End-to-end performance management and performance reward systems for a large technology company specialising in the education sector.

I initially worked at Synergetic, an EHG company as a consultant, where over the course of a year I designed an end to end talent management framework, including policies, procedures, information management, review cycles,  processes. 

Also included was the defining of new company values (in order to ‘measure what matters, a revised vision and mission and a comprehensive, end-to-end performance framework ………